How to donate

【China Mainland Donation Zone】

Quick Online Donation:

UnionPay Online Payment (For China Only)
PAYPAL Donate Now
(No registration required)

【Single Online Donation】

Online payment methods:

Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB)
WebATM (card reader)
Online ATM Transfer

Bank Transfer/Foreign Exchange Transfer/Cheque Donation

With this donation, the association will not be charged a 2.5% fee
Donate via Check (no amount limit)
Bank Transfer (NTD only)
Foreign Exchange Transfer (USD only)

【Donate via Four Major Convenience Stores in Taiwan】

Taiwan Four major convenience stores code payment donations
(7-11, family, Hi-Life, OK)
Instructions of operation for quote payment at convenient stores

PAYPAL (Foreign Only, Exclude Taiwan)

PAYPAL Donate Now (no registration required , support multiple credit cards)
PAYPAL. ME (Fast Pay)

Regular Donation

How to do regular donation:

Credit Card online regular donation
Credit Card Regularly Donate Authorization
Regularly Bank Transfer Authorization

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